The Bells

Walkern Church Bells

The Walkern bells after recasting and the frame replaced in 1909.

St. Peter's

Bell Date Diameter Weight Key
Treble 1853 27½" 4-3-15 F♯
2nd 1853 28½" 5-0-4 E♯
3rd 1792 30" 5-1-0 D♯
4th 1853 31" 5-1-20 C♯
5th 1955 32½" 5-2-13 B
6th 1777 34" 7-0-0 A♯
7th 1696 37" 9-0-0 G♯
Tenor 1721 42" 12-0-0 F♯

1552 Four bells and Sanctus bell
1700 Augmented to five (according to Chauncy)
1793 Augmented to six bells
1838 two trebles given by George and Leonard Proctor
1853 Trebles and forth bells re-cast by Mears of London
1955 Fifth recast by Mears and other bells quarter-turned.
1966 Ringing chamber built
1980 Clappers rebushed and reforged.

Practice night Monday 7.30pm (visiting ringers welcome)

St. Mary's

11th - 14th century church with a 14th century tower (with "Hertfordshire spike"), restored 1878-82. Ground floor ringing, draught 26 feet (16 feet to rope guides). Ladder and trap to 17 feet high clock chamber, then ladder and trap-way to the bell chamber.

Full circle ringing in a cast iron frame by Taylor. Cast iron headstocks and Hastings stays. Treble on ball bearings, back five on plain bearings with castor oil wicks.

Ellacombe chimes on the back five. Quarters and hour on the back five (Gregory chimes). No sound control.

Gregory chimes

Bell Date Diameter Weight Key
Treble 1926 25¼" 3-3-0 F
2nd 1909 27¼" 4-1-12 E♭
3rd 1833 28" 3-3-1 D♭
4th 1909 29" 4-2-22 C
5th 1932 31¼" 4-2-0 B♭
Tenor 1713 35½" 6-2-16 A♭

1552 Four bells and Sanctus
1696 Recast and augmented to five (said by Chauncy in 1697)
1713 At least the back three recast by John Waylett
1833 2nd recast by T. Mears II
1909 Treble and 3rd recast and frame for six bells installed by J. Taylor
1926 Augmented to six by J. Taylor
1932 5th recast by J. Taylor

Practice night Friday 7.30pm (visiting ringers welcome)