Churches Together in Benington and Walkern

St. Peter's Benington with St. Mary's Walkern

What is Café Church?

Church with a difference; seated around tables instead of sat in rows; we drink coffee or tea, eat croissants and discuss faith. It’s still a service where we sing a few hymns, share topical conversation and say some prayers, but in a more relaxed and informal atmosphere. If your kids are running around grabbing another muffin, that’s fine. If you don’t believe in God and just want to come along and see what’s going on, that’s fine too.

Why do we do Café Church?

We want to try to make Church a place that is relaxed and accessible. We know that lots of people want to talk about faith, even want to come to Church, but find a traditional service hard to understand, boring to sit through or just plain confusing. So, we developed Café Church as a place where everyone’s welcome; it’s hopefully not too confusing or boring. Moreover, we understand that weekends are precious times for families to be together so we wanted to create a fun, engaging space where children and young people can feel welcome too.

When and where is Café Church?

Every other 4th Sunday of the month at 10.30 at Walkern URC starting from 28th January. For further details please contact Olga Ginn on 861754

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